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Helping you achieve the best quality of life,

in your home.

About Village Rose

Mission Statement:

Village Rose is a group of highly qualified, and professional, private healthcare workers who are dedicated to providing compassionate care to every one of our clients.We strive to help our clients achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible: physically emotionally and mentally. All clients are treated with dignity and respect.

When you hire a Village Rose Healthcare Worker, you will receive:​

1. A personal care plan that is individualized for your needs.

2. Full explanation of the services that are available to you

3. A healthcare aide that suits you (both in regards to skill, and personality)

4. Confidentiality of your personal information: medical, financial, and all other personal details.

5. Hourly care, as requested, with a minimum required service time of 1 hour.

6. No contractual obligation

Code of Ethics:

1. Village Rose Health Care workers will strive to provide the highest level of care, and will always act professionally and ethically


2. Village Rose Health Care Workers will strive to follow the CACCE (Canadian Association of Continuing Care Educators) best practice standards for home healthcare


3. Village Rose Health Care Workers will, at all times, take precautions to ensure the safety of their clients and themselves


4. Village Rose Health Care will carry full liability insurance, for protection of its clientele, and of it's health care workers

5. Village Rose Health Care will not discriminate based on age, gender, religion, family structure, place of origin, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability.


6. Village Rose Health Care will follow up with thorough investigation of any client concerns or complaints


7. Village Rose Health Care workers will respect a client's right to privacy, and will not disclose any personal information , nor will take any photos of the client,or will take any photos within the clients place of residence, unless authorized by the client to do so

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