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Our Story

The Village Rose Health Care business was created for the same reason that many small businesses start: as the result of a passionate, individualized experience.

As the owner of Village Rose Home Healthcare, my professional background for much of my life was actually as an educator. I worked as a middle school teacher in greater Vancouver for 8 years, and then as a Special Education Department Head. It was working with severely handicapped children, as a department head, that I had my first introduction to the healthcare/medical profession. Working alongside OTs and PTs, nutritional aides, educational aides, nurses and doctors, as well as passionate parents, gave me awareness of healthcare issues, and the diversity of needs. It also deepened levels of empathy in my personality that I never could have imagined.

Years later, when my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, my family and I were tossed, intensely, into the healthcare arena. This time, on the receiving side. At the time, our five children were aged 16, 11, 9, 7, and 18 months old. It was a long, painful battle that my husband fought, right up to the day of his death. 

The healthcare professionals that we encountered during this hard time were our strength, our support, our everything.

After my husband’s death, I redirected my medical knowledges from teaching, plus added more coursework, and became a Continuing Care Aide. 
I loved the job instantly. I had found my life passion. There were a few things about the private healthcare field, however, that bothered me. So, I opted to open my own business and address the issues myself, with my own business philosophy and code of ethics. As a result, I am pleased with, and proud of, the growing company that is Village Rose.

The professionals that have joined my team are highly-qualified, responsible, reliable, compassionate people. In order to ensure that Village Rose has ‘the best of the best’, they are paid a respectably higher than average wage compared to what other private companies pay. As well, our clients are not under contractual obligation, and can hire a Village Rose professional for a minimum of 1 hour of care at a time. This ensures that clients receive the best care suited to them, without incurring financial hardship.
It is paramount to me, and to my team members, that we continue to provide the compassionate, thorough home healthcare that we believe is essential.

This business was created in honor of my husband, Daniel Robinson, DOD March 25th 2017. 



                                                                                                  Ms. Zenovia Sadoway B.A., B.Ed.,M.Ed.,
                                                                                                                      Owner/Client Care                                                                                                                        Coordinator: Village Rose Home Healthcare


R.I.P Daniel Robinson, husband of owner, Zen Sadoway. 

Family of owner shortly before their fathers death.

Daniel Robinson holding his youngest son.

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