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Mobility Aide:

Village Rose healthcare aides will assist with any level of mobility challenge that you may have around your home or out in the community. Our aids are trained in cane, walker, and wheelchair assistance, as well as mobility and transfer assist around your apartment for purposes of daily living.

Mobility using lift equipment:
Village Rose staff are trained in the use of lift equipment, including sit-to-stand lifts, Hoyer lifts, and ceiling lifts. Our aides work as a team with occupational therapists, and family members, to ensure that lift equipment is used safely, properly and consistently in consideration of each unique client.

Medication administration:
Trained and qualified Village Rose staff will assist and/or administer medication to clients. All medications given are recorded on a MAR and retained by the Village Rose office for a period of seven years.

Vital statistics monitoring:
On client request, vital statistics will be taken and charted by our aides. Vital statistics are recorded for ongoing client needs and for purposes of medical monitoring and interpretation. These vitals include blood pressure, weight, blood sugars, bowel movements, pulse, and blood oxygen level. 

Assisted bathing/dressing :
Every year, one out of every four  adults over the age of 65 experiences a fall resulting in injury.
80% of falls occur in the bathroom. Village Rose aides will ensure safety while assisting with showers/baths and dressing.

With respect and dignity for every client, Village Rose aides adhere to the CACCE (Canadian Association of Continuing Care Educators) best practices standards for all elements of personal hygiene assistance and pericare.

Dementia / Alzheimer's Care:

Recreational therapy:

It can be difficult for seniors and persons with medical issues to locate or secure the help and services that they need, or that are potentially available to them. Village Rose staff will help in connecting clients with the resources that they need, and will be the voice for those who are unable to represent themselves for whatever reason.

Errands / Social Outings
Like house keeping, running errands can be very exhausting for seniors, or people with ailments or chronic pain, especially when the weather is bad. Our aides will run all errands on your behalf, whether you need a prescription picked up, or your pet taken to the vet.

Appointment accompaniment:
Village Rose aides will ensure that you make it to your appointments on time, will stay with you during appointments, and will safely get you back home. 

Hospital accompaniment and after care:
Both patients and their family members may find that hospital visits or stays cause a lot of anxiety. Our aides will stay at the hospital with you, or your loved one as long as needed, and will provide accompaniment home upon hospital release. Once released, our qualified team members will follow up with in-home hospital aftercare: promoting a safe recovery and monitoring the patient’s condition.

Home Management / House Keeping / Gardening:

Home Management can become very challenging as we age or when we are struggling with illnesses. Our hard-working aides will do any house keeping tasks that you need done… Yes we even do windows!

Meal preparation:

Following the Canadian Health Guide, Village Rose aides will create delicious, nutritious meals that can be served to you on the spot, or prepared ahead of time for upcoming days.

Passive and active physiotherapy:
Following physiotherapy exercises designed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, experienced Village Rose aides will assist clients in doing gentle physiotherapy activities and exercises, both active and passive.

Foot care, pedicure, manicure, haircut and styling:

Village Rose has a number of 'extra talent' staff members. Many of our team members are qualified to provide *foot care (*it is recommended that, after the age of 70, individuals should have their feet professionally checked every six weeks), as well as to do pedicures and manicures.
Village Rose also has an experienced hairstylist on staff. Our hairstylist can provide clients with a professional cut and style in the comfort of their own homes.

Music Therapy:

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